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Slagstar® - New Technology for Concrete

Welantech International is the proud partner of Wopfinger Baustoffindustrie for the marketing of Slagstar manufacturing technology in China, Taiwan and Vietnam.

Slagstar is a new binder that can be used instead of conventional cement for producing concrete.

Product Advantages (concrete made with Slagstar has some special product properties):
low heat development
1£© The heat development during the setting of Slagstar concrete is particularly low.
2£© The temperature rise of 9 ¡ãC in Slagstar concrete is up to 75 % lower than that in concretes made with comparable Portland cements.
3£© Due to the low heat development it is possible to dispense with expensive cooling measures for the fresh concrete.

increased acid resistance
1£© Slagstar has a resistance to dissolving attack that is up to four times greater than other cements.
2£© In the long-term test Slagstar concrete exhibits a resistance to acid attack that is up to 76 % higher than that of concrete made with comparable Portland cement.

very high sulfate resistance
1£© Slagstar concrete is not attacked by sulfates.
2£© Due to the sulfate resistance there is also no expansion in the concrete.

high final strength
1£© After 28 days Slagstar has significantly higher strength values than comparable Portland cements.
2£© The high final strengths combined with the very dense concrete microstructure produces the particularly durable Slagstar concrete.

massive saving of CO2 and NOx
1£© Granulated blast-furnace slag is used as the basic hydraulic component for producing Slagstar.
2£© Sulfate activators and alkaline additives are used to promote the hydraulic properties
3£© Slagstar is produced by mixing without any burning process. This means that up to 90 % CO2 emissions are saved when compared with conventional cements.
4£© By using Slagstar it is possible for the first time to produce environmentally friendly concrete.
5£© Up to 160ton of CO2 emissions are saved per 1000 m3 concrete.
About Slagstar:

Slagstar consists of granulated blast-furnace slag, sulfate agents and special additives. The production of this completely new type of blast-furnace slag binder does not involve any burning process and therefore ensures a CO2 saving of up to 90 percent when compared with conventional cements.

Slagstar is the first binder for concrete that meets all the ecological requirements for the strict criteria of the IBO (the Austrian Institute for Building Biology and Ecology) and has therefore been awarded the IBO Seal of Approval. Environmentally friendly concrete can be produced for the first time with Slagstar.

Slagstar is EU tested ¨C it has European Technical Approval (ETA). The CE designation based on EN 1971-1 confirms compliance with the ETA. The ¨¹A installation designation certifies its compliance with the provisions of the A building materials list concerning the specific use as a binder in conformity with NORM (Austrian standard) B 3327-1. Slagstar can be used in the same way as cement for producing concrete.

Please contact Welantech International for information on licensing Slagstar technology!
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