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Bi-Oriented PET (BOPET)

Welantech International is able to offer equipment and technology for
the production of biaxial oriented Polyethylenterephthalate(PET).
Standard specifications available:
Capacity: up to 25.000 TPA
Width at Winder: up to 8.7 m
Thickness range: 6 ¨C 125 ¦Ì
Film layers: up to 3
Technology :

Dosing: sophisticated dosing system for complex formulations
Twin screw extrusion technology (main and satellites) for the production of standard or speciality
co-extruded BOPET films and high-shrink OPET-G films
Electrostatically band pinning for high speed casting
Multi-gap stretching MDO unit
Flexible chain-track system
Stainless steel TDO oven
Scratch-free technology for PRS

Packaging, audio/video tapes, optical films, shrink films, electrical insulation¡­

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