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Biaxially Oriented PP/PE (BOPP / BOPE)

Welantech International is able to offer equipment and technology for biaxially oriented Polypropylene - BOPP / BOPE!

Standard specifications available:

Capacity: up to 36.000 TPA
Width at Winder: up to 8.7 m
Thickness range: 10 - 150¦Ì
Film layers: up to 7

Sophisticated dosing system for complex formulations
Twin screw / single screw extrusion technology
High efficiency casting unit for high-speed production, high heat transfer chill roll,
High stretching MDO ratios (multi-gap), low energy consumption
TDO chaintrack with broad stretching range
Oil heated / gas heated / electrically heated, stainless steel TDO oven, uniform air distribution, low energy consumption
Individually-driven PRS rolls
MD-movement carriage winder

Food packaging, non food packaging, industrial tapes, adhesive tapes, lamination films, labels, synthetic paper, shrink films, hygienic articles, cosmetic articles...

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