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LGP & Diffusion Plate Extrusion Line

Intelligent technology or outstanding reliability! Now you can have both...
When compared directly, BREYER systems always allow you to achieve more...
thanks to less rejects, lower costs and less time consuming processes. With BREYER therefore, you are not only investing in reliable, superior technology but also in the economic potential of your company.

Extruder machine

Single-screw extruder with the extruder diameter between 30-250mm, effective venting no pre-drying necessary for the most thermoplastics, higher output with the special screw design

Flat sheet die

Rapid lip gap adjustment and the best design of the flow line to sure the equality of the product.


Calender roll diameter from 300 - 600 mm, roll width up to 3000 mm.

Your benefits:
small tickness tolerances by using Breyer's solid calender rolls
high reliability by maintenance-free drive technology
product flexibility by the  slewing device of the third calender roll
quick and precise adjustment by servo hydraulic gap adjustment
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