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ITMA ASIA + CITME 2012 News ¢ò¡¡6.12-6.17 Sandro Salmoiraghi


Yarn-handling specialist Salmoiraghi has made a breakthrough in the mainland Chinese market with the sale of the country¡¯s first SYPAH (Salmoiraghi Yarn Package Automated Handling) systems. Represented in the region by Welantech International, Salmoiraghi has traditionally done good business in Taiwan, but until recently ready availability of labour meant yarn producers on the mainland were content with manual handling, according to company president Sandro Salmoiraghi-currently also president of the Italian textile-machinery association, ACIMIT-that has changed as Chinese producer seek to raise their quality and, at the same time, find labour is now in short supply, Additionally, said Mr. Salmoiraghi , the typical volume of packages to be handled has risen steeply to 50,000 a day, making manual handling impractical, the first two mainland customer for SYPAH are Xin Feng Ming and Tongkun, both vertically integrated polyester producer with operations ranging from polymerization to spinning, the system begins with Salmoiraghi¡¯s Auto-Doffer and incorporates inspection, transportation and packing.

Salmoiraghi president Sandro Salmoiraghi is pictured (centre) with the Welantech International team: (from left) assistant Sicalin Chen; general manager James Lee; chairman Anthony Feng; and vice-president Lawrence Feng

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